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Keith and The Girl podcast

2331: “Acting Out” with Mary Sean Young and Jena Axelrod – Jena and Paul Murdock separate; Sean recounts her career and Hollywood’s systematic destruction of it; Hollywood drug use; Sean’s 2012 Academy Awards arrest; Jena’s quantum physics documentary; 23-year-old poses as a high school…

The Fuzz

I’m a puppet hooker.

PBJ Productions

Palmer Docke, Lou Stone Borenstein, Jena Axelrod Shooting some scenes from Your Logo Here.  

SiriusXM’s Howard 101

On Jackie’s Joke Hunt tonight from 5-6pm on SiriusXM’s Howard 101. Call in with a joke 1-888-Stern-101 ?!

Inside Chappaqua

Inside Chappaqua Magazine article “Finding Comic Relief on Jackie’s Joke Hunt”

Comedian Offers Hamden Hallers Advice

“Thespian alumna Jena Axelrod… offered words of wisdom to the young actors.” (uht oh)


“The burkha is offensive to women” – upskirt photo victim

Too Big to Fail?

“Too big to fail?” – Kirstie Alley