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My Interview of Jason Silva

“What is Consciousness becoming?” Video & Article Featuring Jason Silva for SoulPancake.com Thanks to Joe Q !!!

The SoulPancake Team is a featured VYou Channel!

vyoucom: Meet our SoulPancake team and see what they are chewin’ on today.


Kindness on the NYC subway with photographer Vanessa Lenz turned into a SoulPancake article

Do you suffer from death anxiety?

Interview of Directors of Flight from Death for SoulPancake Do you suffer from death anxiety?

Tweet the Classics

Write the classics in 140 characters or less. Moby Dick: Call me Ishmael. On the whale ship Pequod, commanded by Captain Ahab. A man’s quest. I over-describe whales. (H. Melville 1851) Send us yours: @140cliffnotes