Thanks, Carrie Gravenson!

Thanks for the shout out! Check out Carrie Gravenson featured in Brownstoner’s Nightlife Spotlight: Stellar Standup Comedy in Western Queens.
When you go out to shows in the area, which comedians do you love to see perform?
“It’s really hard to name a favorite.  Jesse JonesKatie Compa, Sharon SpellSue FunkeBen RosenfeldKatrin HierTroy BynumJena AxelrodCharles McBee, and Leah Bonnema all live in this great borough (most of them within a ten block radius of me).  If you don’t know their names yet, stay tuned, you will!  Sue Funke co-produced a really fun Queens vs. Brooklyn show last year and I got to represent Queens, which was awesome.”

Carrie Gravenson