Weekend Among Friends in Pari, Italy

April 26-29 2018
Small changes making big differences

A Tribute to Uncertainty

How can organizations and individuals transform themselves so that they can become as subtle, sensitive, intelligent and fast-responding as the world around them? ~David Peat, 2010

We are pleased to invite you to a collaborative gathering held in the beautiful little village, of Pari, Italy. The landscape and community, the Pari Center and Pari Networks all represent a container in which one feels invited to explore the arts and the sciences, as well as culture, music, food and wine as means to denote, understand, reflect and renew ourselves, our organisations, and our communities. 

Weekend Among Friends is an initiative of:




KATG Marathon

Y’all should tune into Keith and The Girl now as they near the end their live 24 hour podcast marathon.


ThriveLOUD podcast

Jena Axelrod chats with Lou Diamond in this fun, educational, inspirational and mind-altering discussion around Jena’s upcoming documentary “The Absurdity of Certainty“.

Posted by Thrive LOUD on Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Dudes. I’m in the Trunk doing Audio!

Mike Massimo, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Chuck Nice… with Jena Axelrod (in the trunk)

Sending love

1175141_10151861594876233_1932465178_nCan’t believe it’s been 15 years. Feels like yesterday, today. Sending love and hugs.