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Dudes. I’m in the Trunk doing Audio!

Mike Massimo, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Chuck Nice… with Jena Axelrod (in the trunk)

Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Me!?

I just put lav mics on Bill Nye the Science Guy and Neil friggen deGrasse Tyson. I can die now.

PBJ Productions

Palmer Docke, Lou Stone Borenstein, Jena Axelrod Shooting some scenes from Your Logo Here.  

Your Logo Here: a PBJ original SitCom

In Your Logo Here four comedians write and shoot sketches inspired by the day jobs they are dying to quit. They must find a way to sell the green-screen ad space in their videos for that dream to come true. PBJ Productions: Lou Borenstein, Paul… Continue Reading “Your Logo Here: a PBJ original SitCom”

Spielberg & Cohen on FOD

Chana's Family Prefers Max – watch more funny videos Chandra Spielberg & Max Cohen ARE Spielberg and Cohen. I’m honored to be behind the scenes as Director of Photography & Sound