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2219: “I Want to Ride My Bicycle”

with Jena Axelrod and Paul Murdock – Jackie Martling’s show; How old is too old for children?; the inevitable danger of bicycles; accidental selfie shooting; the most brilliant minds agree on the dangers of AI; prostitute kills serial killer; death from car sex; faking live musical performances; pilot invites models to fly plane


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Public Access Game Show

Shock a Russian. [The password is: boobs]

“Make it look like a public access show.” This was one of my favorite things to shoot/edit ever with Malarkey Pictures Kendra and Kuperman and Spielberg and Cohen‘s Max Cohen and Chana Spielberg.

Production Still

Director Jena Axelrod and Director of Photography Ben Schellpfeffer

I’ve been working very hard on this film. I canNOT wait to share it with you!!!

Stay tuned: Numena: The Absurdity of Certainty

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I’m a fly girl?! NSFW

Mazel Tov Cocktail — Knowledge From The Tree

Funny or Die

Love producing for these hilarious women

Malarkey Pictures: Vicky Kuperman and Kendra Cunningham.

Conjectures on Funny or Die

Conjectures: starring Kendra Cunningham and Vicky Kuperman

Great fun Directing, Shooting and Editing these funny women